Traffic congestion in Bhubaneswar: The problems and solutions

Smart city Bhubaneswar has been facing the problem of slow traffic; also, traffic holds up for quite sometime. We need to adopt more pragmatic and feasible measures to address the issues.

Chaotic traffic congestion in Bhubaneswar

Traffic congestion has been a global urban phenomenon and with more vehicles hitting the city roads each year, the problem is more likely to get worse. It could have been otherwise if the mitigating measures were not prohibitively costly and were amenable to quick urban engineering solutions. The problem therefore would most likely linger on. While urban transport mix in developed countries is relatively simple, India’s urban transport scenario continues to be much more complex, particularly in smaller cities.

A city like Bhubaneswar, for example, has to address the demands on the city roads of a large number of users. Many of them view the openness of the roads suitable to transact business and for social get together; while animals prefer to use the roads for rest and leisurely walk. Cattle love ruminating on city roads.