Devotees suffer due to ‘inadequate measures’ at Puri Srimandir from scorching heat wave conditions

Devotees visiting Puri Srimandir are facing severe discomfort due to a prolonged heatwave in Odisha. Despite some efforts like sprinkling water and using white paint to reflect heat, the measures are deemed inadequate, especially for the elderly and children. Resentment is growing among visitors as they endure long waits under harsh conditions.

Devotees Face Problems Due To Lack Of Facilities At Puri Srimandir Amidst Heatwave Conditions

The mercury is on an upward trend, adversely affecting normal life in Odisha owing to severe hot and humid conditions prevailing for over one week now. Despite the gruelling weather conditions, devotees are thronging in large numbers to have the darshan of Lord Jagannath at Puri Srimandir.

Though devotion seems to be winning against the adversaries on the ground, scores of devotees are also bearing the brunt of scorching heatwave conditions by waiting for hours, standing in queues under the sun. The elderly devotees, women and children are the worst sufferers.