Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

An Odia loco pilot’s quick thinking and prompt action has saved the life of an old man crossing rail tracks at Kalyan station in Mumbai on Sunday. The Odia loco pilot identified as Sushant Pradhan belongs to Arunpur village from Ramagada Panchayat under Ganjam district.

A video of the shocking incident, shared by the Ministry of Railways on social media, showed the train coming to a stop just in time as the old man, who had got stuck on the track while trying to cross it escaped unharmed. 

As the video of the entire spectacle went viral on internet, millions of users and the Railway Department took to social media to applaud the loco pilot.


According to reports, the incident happened at around noon when the train started from platform number 4. The elderly man, who was crossing the track at the time inattentively, fell and got stuck under the train.

The Chief Permanent Way Inspector (CPWI) shouted and cautioned the loco pilot and his assistant. In no time, Pradhan immediately applied emergency brakes and later he along with his assistant pulled up the elderly man from under the train.
“Luckily I could apply the emergency break in time and pull up the old man unhurt. It was really satisfying to rescue the senior citizen safely,” said Pradhan.

The Central Railway has announced a cash reward for the two loco pilots and CPWI for their timely act of saving the man's life.

After the incident, the Central Railway issued an advisory warning people not to cross rail tracks at unauthorized locations as it could prove fatal.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)

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