Cassian Baliarsingh

Amid back-to-back low pressure-induced heavy rainfall, mosquito-borne viral infection dengue is on the rise in the state. At least 500 cases of dengue have been reported in the capital city in the last couple of days.

On Friday, another 36 new cases were reported from the state capital prompting authorities of Capital Hospital to open separate dengue wards. The viral infection has become a serious cause of concern as many patients are being admitted to the premier hospital on a daily basis.

Similar is the condition in Sundargarh district. The mosquito-borne viral infection has affected over 100 people in the industrial belts of Rourkela.

“This area was under 1-foot water for almost a month. Moreover, there are areas you won’t be able to step in even if it drizzles. Water gets stagnant and mosquitoes breed there due to bad road conditions and the situation has been prevailing for years,” alleged Anirudh, a native of Panposh area.

“Wherever you go in Rourkela, be it slums or the town, water is stagnant everywhere. Yet, the administration is in deep slumber. There are no drainage facilities that further add to the woes,” he added.

When contacted, Dr. Subhankar Mahapatra, Rourkela commissioner said, “We are monitoring the situation and have already held a preparatory meet in this regard. In the meeting, we came to know that the number of dengue cases have risen. But, there is no alarming situation and there is nothing to be panicked about.” 

“We are taking all repellant measures from spraying to fogging. Our City health officer is coordinating in this regard. As per the information from hospitals, no patients are in serious condition. Steps are being taken for early diagnosis and proper care of the patients,” he further stated.

Similarly, Deputy Superintendent Pandit Sahoo of RGH, Rourkela said, “All dengue patients are normal now. All treatment facilities are made available in RGH now. We also have appointed separate doctors and medicine specialists for the dengue wards. We have also increased testing but we haven’t detected many cases.”

Meanwhile, the health department has sounded alert and directed departments to intensify the sanitation drive.