Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Olympian and Odisha's ace sprinter Dutee Chand's feud with elder sister Saraswati has taken an ugly turn after the duo locked horns on social media, lashing out at each other publicly on Sunday.

After a dead silence of several days, the sister duo once again defamed each other's character. The duo stooped down so low that they had no control over their words and language while offending each other. The social media posts stands testimony to it. 

The siblings have earned several accolades for being international sprinters. While Dutee shined at the Olympics and bagged a silver medal at the Asian Games, Saraswati clinched a medal at the World Police Games. However, such derogatory behaviour of the famed athletes on the public platform and breaking all barriers of decency has raised several questions as well as concerns. 

The first post was shared by Saraswati in which she targeted Dutee's personal life and character flaws. She even targeted a private institution in Bhubaneswar. However, in her second post, she wrote, "When you were younger, I used to lose to make you win, but if you try to defame our parents, I will spoil you."

Following Saraswati's remarks, Dutee came up with a long post and attacked her elder sister offending her character. In her post, Dutee mentioned that Saraswati misused her power of police and brought people from Bangladesh and Nepal and made them residents of Odisha. Further, she warned Saraswati to amend herself or else she would take extreme steps. 

Saraswati's reaction to her sister's social media post couldn't be obtained as her mobile phone was switched off and was also unavailable at her home. On the other hand, Dutee, when contacted,  has repeated her stance supporting her claims. 

"Being a cop, she has been threatening me and our parents. She has also brought a girl from another country and has made her stand in elections. The prime focus of the police is to ensure the safety of the public, but, she is involved in several illegal works. For such things, people's faith in the police is diminishing," said Dutee.

Further, she added, "Whatever she has alleged about me in her Facebook post is baseless. If she claims those to be true, then she must substantiate them by providing evidence."

This is not the first instance when the sister duo are at daggers drawn. Earlier, they locked horns over same-sex relationships and finance matters. Even though the social media banter between them is not new, this time, they have surpassed the limits of decency in all means, leaving many in shock.  

"The feud between the sister duo on social media is awful. Both of them should stay away from such things. This will have a harsh impact on society," said Batakrushna Parida, Senior Journalist.