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Smartphones have become one of the most ubiquitous and flexible technological devices of our era, because of their multipurpose nature. Having a screen becomes our preferred method of interacting, allowing us to spend endless hours in front of it to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, social media, entertainment, etc. 

But using a smartphone too much allows you to access a wide range of applications that encourage addictive behaviour. It can also enable behavioural addictions such as codependence, gambling, sex addiction, shopping addiction, love addiction, as well as other addictive behaviors. 

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If you find your partner a victim of such behaviour, here are a few ways that you could adopt to help your partner fight the addiction. 

●Turn off notifications

People often get distracted by their endless notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and other apps. It doesn’t matter if someone “likes” your status update, follow you on Instagram, or sends you an email right away. In order to prevent yourself from becoming ingrained in checking your phone too frequently, turn off notifications and you’ll feel less compelled to check it. Messaging app might be the only app for which you do not turn off notifications.

●Keep a check on her screen time

A parental control app on your partner’s device will be a great support in this case. If you feel like your wife might be addicted to her phone, it will be of great assistance for her to become more self-disciplined and self-controlled.

●Do not allow phone when with family 

We really don’t need our phones all day, so why not put them away during dinner, while watching a movie, or talking with your family. Set up phone-free periods and schedule your phone use. You can ask your wife to stop checking her phone when she is with you and the kids. For instance, you might not check both of your phones while making dinner in the afternoon or spending time with your family. Doing this, it will reduce distraction, and your wife will become less addicted to it.

There are several smartphone apps for both iPhone and Android that can tell you exactly how long you have spent using your smartphone. They can also show what apps you’ve been using the most and allows you to schedule downtime. Apps that you whitelist will only be visible during this time, while others are greyed out. It's a great way to stop yourself from using apps like Instagram, Facebook, and games that are addictive. One can try these apps too.