Sangati Jogwar

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  • Women find some traits in men very much lovable.
  • Here are 5 such traits wives love in their husbands.

Finding the right man is never an easy task. Even though today girls get ample time and say in choosing their life partner, only a few girls have the opportunity and freedom to experiment with men so that they can choose the perfect one as their husband.

However, there are certain traits that almost every girl would like to find in her man.

Strong physical chemistry is a must

At times the figures like salary, package, looks and education seem just perfect, but the only downside is that you are not attracted to that man. For any relationship to sustain for long years, strong chemistry is a must. And if a girl is looking for a husband, it is definitely the first thing that she would be interested in.

Is he vulnerable? She is definitely looking for an open-hearted man!

It takes a long time to build trust in a relationship. And for that, a man must be open-hearted and vulnerable enough to share his feelings and shortcomings with his life partner. He must be generous when it comes to sharing his views, and also give equal advantage to his spouse/girlfriend.

Stability is an important factor

With mental instability becoming a common thing even among the most educated and career-oriented top-notch professionals, emotional stability is a top priority in a relationship apart from of course economical and relationship stability. A man with a mental, economical, and a history of stable relationships is the perfect husband material for any girl.

Open to partner’s emotional needs and quick respond

Wives love to have a husband who is open to their emotional needs and accordingly responds to them. Hormonal changes play havoc with the emotions of a woman and if she is a career-oriented girl, it’s very hard to keep a balance between her emotions, and relationships both at work place and at home. That is why for a girl, a responsive and emotionally caring partner is like a boon.

Am I Safe with him?

A woman needs to feel safe with her man. So, one of the most important things wives expect from their husbands is to keep them safe, apart from showing respect and giving value to their opinions. While she never expects him to keep her on a pedestal, it's every wife’s dream that her husband should make her feel wanted and offer a sense of security.