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  • Men usually do not like their wives having male friends.
  • Here are a few reasons why it is so!

In the days of co-education and high-profile careers where both men and women work together sharing equal responsibilities and hectic schedules, it is just unavoidable and pretty normal for women to have male friends. However, many men simply cannot accept the fact that their wives have male friends and those too sometimes very close friends.

Here are a few reasons that make men feel that their wives should not have male friends:

A woman and a man can never be friends

That is the general thought rooted in every man’s mind. Whenever he sees his wife having a good laugh with another man he starts feeling that the other person is planning to steal his wife from him or at least has some ulterior motives behind this friendship.

Comparisons begin inside the brain

When a man finds that his wife shares a good bond of friendship with another man, he automatically starts feeling insecure. He starts making comparisons about whether he is more good-looking than him, has a better package, style, or personality, and so on. And if yes, they just start hating the male friend of their wives thinking that their wives will also make comparisons which can be bad for any relationship.

Overstepping the boundaries

At times, these male friends can start influencing the family life of a couple. For example, they can start giving advice to your wife about a certain situation in your home that in actuality should be solved by the couple on their own. Once male friends start overstepping these boundaries, it can lead to trouble between the man and wife.

Wrong influence on kids

If the male friend of your wife is having a not-so-good influence on the kids, that can be one big reason you will not like him to be around your family. Each household has its own principles, mode of working, and traditions. If a new entry is trying to disrupt that and especially make an unexpected and unwanted impact on the children, the man will definitely not allow this friend of his wife to come any closer.

Is she giving more priority to him?

Now that can be the final blow! If the wife starts giving more priority to her male friend above her spouse or is sharing their special couple time with the friend, no husband will like it and is sure to ask his wife to stop being friends with him.

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