Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Ollywood, or any other cine industry, several sagas of friendship have been portrayed on the silver screen. A similar heart-touching story of friendship between Sanatan Das and Bintu Sabar has come to light in Bolangir district of Odisha rekindling the memories of 1964’s Dosti that showcased the bond between two divyang youths and their struggles to survive in society.

Friendship is an emotional bond that ties unknown persons strongly without any blood relationship. Friends fill life with joy and grace and make the world a different place. And Sanatan and Bintu from Bolangir have set new inspirational goals of friendship with their friendship since 16 years.

While Sanatan is visually impaired, Bintu is unable to walk properly. Though for everyone they are persons with disabilities, both make each other’s life complete. While one shows the way, the other walks the path. 

Both Sanatan and Bintu work as teachers in Bolangir’s Patnagarh’s Bileisathi School and Ranihuda Primary School respectively. Leaving for the workplace and travelling together on a two-wheeler is a part of their lives. 

“He is a great friend. Even though I am visually-impaired, I see the world through his eyes. We travel together and even do shopping. Sudhir Kumar and Sushil Kumar’s Dosti was a reel story, but ours is real,” said Sanatan.

“Though we have disabilities, we are enough for each other. Our hearts and minds are one. We seek each other’s suggestions for everything and lead our lives happily,” said Bintu.

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul and the journey of Sanatan and Bintu began 16 years back. The duo met accidentally at a school programme. With their first meeting, they thought that the Almighty had a purpose and aim to bring them together. Since then their friendship prospered and strengthened with each passing day. Their friendship bond will certainly make any person envious as finding a true friend these days is a tough task.

“Both of them are good friends and inseparable. While one is visually-impaired, the other has problems with walking. But, they complete each other,” said Tapaswini Padhi, Principal. 

While Sanatan and Bintu are shaping the futures of the budding learners at schools as teachers, they have set a bright and inspiring example of friendship that will keep inspiring the generations.

Reported by Karunakar Bude (Patnagarh)