Cassian Baliarsingh

Dating in today’s digital era is done by either right or left swipe. Gone are the days of people meeting and impressing each other physically (offline). Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have completely changed the dating ways.

However, with multiple dating options, finding the right person can be a challenging task. People refuse to put effort into impressing their matches online. Meanwhile, a young man has been winning hearts online after he prepared a presentation to impress his Tinder date as she asked his reasons for dating him.

The girl identified as Tamanna shared the boy’s presentation on X and wrote, “Asked my Tinder match why should I date him and he sent me a link to this presentation.”

The presentation hilariously mentions his hobbies, his likes and habits. He also attached a list of people who refer him as a good match. His hobbies hilariously show him eating golgappas, doing crunches in a gym and swimming in a pool.

He also shared a few pictures of his pet dog and wrote, “FYI, he’s gonna third wheel on every date.” He further went on to mention that he was basically up for anything from late night chai shenanigans to Maggie and momos dates with a mountain view.

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In the list of people who would refer to him as a good match are his dog, his neighbour’s dog, every street cat and dog, his high school crush, security guard and his land lord. Since being shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, the post has garnered hilarious reactions from other X users.

“I have no issue to go for these extra efforts to have a date with a girl but I genuinely want to know that how many girls are putting the same kind or level of efforts with the guys on dating apps?,” a youth wrote.

Another user commented, “if only guys would put in this much effort even after they’re done chasing🫠” “Man is starving, efforts people make to get laid 😂😂😂,” commented another user.