Sangati Jogwar

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  • Love, at first sight, can happen due to many reasons.
  • More often girls with good looks, dressing style and sense of humour attract boys the most

Have you ever wondered what makes boys get attracted to a particular girl in your college or office? Many times even simple-looking girls have men eating out of their hands simply because they have certain qualities which every boy looks for in a girl.

Style, Dressing And Fragrance

Love at first sight usually occurs when boys are immediately impressed by the style, dressing sense, and fragrance of the girls. Most boys love to hang out with girls who are well-dressed with their own style. Their choice of fragrance can also go a long way in making boys keep on recalling the moments they spent together.

That Impressive Smile

A girl’s smile has the power to make boys go crazy albeit the smile must be sweet and genuine. Importantly, she must surely know when to smile. A forced smile can make a boy think that either the girl is desperate for attention or is a freak.

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Confidence And Self Esteem

Boys are attracted to girls who are confident and know what they are doing. More importantly, girls who have high self-esteem also value and respect others. Boys are usually looking for such girls on whom they can depend in the long run and feel secure.

Passion For Life

Girls with a passion for life are always full of energy and eager to try out new things. And that is why boys find the company of such girls very interesting. Men in general are on the lookout for something new always that can excite them. Apart from the love they also want a travel companion who can explore new places with them, and try adventures like surfing, skiing, and so on.

High Emotional Quotient

Girls are expected to be soft and emotional. While it certainly does not indicate that they are less courageous than men and always have a sob story to tell, it definitely means that girls with high emotional quotient have the courage and wit to encourage their men whenever they seek inspiration and advice. Such girls have a good understanding of what to say and when thus eliminating chances of unnecessary drama in a relationship.

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