Anirbaan Hritiq

Season and soil texture play a crucial role in the growth of plants. Especially, when it comes to vegetable and flowering plants, special attention is required for their proper growth and care.

Those who are new to the gardening hobby, find it extremely difficult to select between the right variety of plants to grow as the attention and care for plants vary. Just like humans have different character traits, the nature of plants and their response to the environment also varies.

If you are a beginner, try your hands on easy-to-grow veggies this winter. Here are five suitable vegetable plants to grow during the winter:

1. Spinach: If you are fond of “Palak Paneer” or the cartoon “Popeye”, the pipe-smoking sailor who used to gain instant energy after consuming spinach, this leafy variety of vegetables is the right choice for you.

Spinach PlantSpinach Plant

This lush green vegetable takes around 30 to 40 days to grow, yielding delicious flavour and it can be used in multiple cuisines.

2. Capsicum: Who doesn’t love these unique boxy bell peppers, which can give an aromatic touch to even the bluntest of cuisines? Capsicums are not only easy to grow with minimalistic effort and care but also are delightful to watch. One can easily grow capsicums in the backyard with raised soil bed and support given by thin wooden sticks.

Capsicum PlantCapsicum Plant

The plants usually mature in a period of 70 to 80 days and can be grown in multiple colours such as red, yellow and green.

3. Tomato: These Spanish-origin fruits are famed worldwide for their delicious flavour when used as sauces, and of course in salads. The space requirement for growing tomatoes is quite less and it can be even grown in flower pots.

Tomato PlantTomato Plant

It takes around 70 to 100 days for a tomato plant to bear vegetables. The number of produce varies in terms of breed planted. For beginners, tomatoes are one of the best vegetables to grow.

4. Carrot: In India, winter implies “Gajar Ka Halwa”, an exclusive sweet dish made up of carrots, sugar, ghee and condensed milk. But do you know that this Persian-origin root-vegetable can be a great option when it comes to gardening? Being a root vegetable, it becomes easier to be grown in the backyard as it is less vulnerable to environmental exposure.

Carrot PlantCarrot Plant

Carrot plants can bear vegetables in 60-80 days and are easy to be harvested.

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5. Chilli: Chilli, also known as hot peppers, are probably the favourite vegetable plant amongst gardeners due to its low maintenance, high productivity, low-mortality rate, and strong endurance.

Chillies can be easily grown in flower pots on balconies, backyards and gardens. It is considered the best plant among gardeners because it not only looks great after full growth but is also budget-friendly.

Chilli PlantChilli Plant

Gardeners can also try their hands at growing cauliflowers, lady fingers, turnips, and eggplants during this winter.