Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Srinath K from Munnar, Kerala used free Wi-Fi at the Railway Station to prepare for UPSC exams.
  • He simultaneously worked as a Coolie and studied for Civil Services.

Many young boys and girls aim for a highly successful career but they shy away from trying the Civil Services examination. It's because a general thinking is that it is not easy to crack a UPSC exam.

However, in the last few years, many young IAS officers have proved that it is possible to fulfill the dream of having a career in administrative services if you are ready to do a lot of hard work and dedicate long hours to study.

One of the most shining examples in this connection is that of Srinath K from Munnar, Kerala. Previously, he worked as a Coolie at the Munnar Railway Station. But he had a strong desire to change the condition of his family which was living in poverty.

That is why he decided to appear for government exams so that he could get a permanent government job.

Despite his intentions to secure a good job in a government office, things were not favourable for Srinath. He had a lot of family responsibilities and also had to work as a Coolie due to which he could not spare enough time for studies.

Moreover, he did not have adequate money to enroll in coaching classes or buy costly books. That is where, Railway’s free Wi-Fi helped him out.

Munnar is one of the few stations where the Railway Department first started the free Wi-Fi for travelers. Srinath took full advantage of this facility and with the help of his mobile, he downloaded all the videos, study material, and audio important for the exams.

He first appeared for KPSC exams at the state level and earned a good rank. But he did not stop at that. Srinath’s main aim was to become an IAS officer and hence he continued preparing for the UPSC exams.

He became successful in scoring a good rank on his fourth attempt and became an IAS officer.

Srinath was married with a young daughter when he decided to change the course of his life and give the UPSC exams to give a better life to his family.

His journey is a proof that irrespective of your situation and financial condition if you have the desire to work hard, you can definitely reach your goal.