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Five traditional outfit options to opt for in winter weddings

An Indian winter wedding requires you to stay glammed up but how can you manage to look perfectly stunning yet cosily warm at a winter wedding? Fashion makes it a little difficult for women to layer up for a winter wedding.

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Traditional outfitPhotoPhoto: Instagram@sabyasachiofficial

Five traditional outfit options to opt for in winter weddings

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Winter weddings are preferred to summer ones as one does not have to worry about messy make-up and smelly sweat. Though summer allows you to wear pastels, strappy gowns, and sexy slit cuts, winters require an upgraded smart wardrobe.
For weddings held in the cooler months, rich hues in velvet, silk, satin, and deep jewel tones are excellent selections. It's crucial to choose clothing that is in vogue and climate-appropriate. Given the season, people must choose to fully cover themselves by wearing darker hues, richer fabrics, and long sleeves to prevent the cold, fever, and cough!

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Here are the top 5 winter wedding outfits for a smart and stylish look. Check it out here!

Drape A Cosy Classic Attire

Velvet or brocade sarees and anarkalis with over-the-top detailing are all-time favorites. The royal fabrics are rich and thick and can keep one warm despite the chilly weather.

Heavily Embroidered Shawl

Your dupattas or shawls with intricate embroidery are great when it comes to protecting yourself against breezy, cold weather. Buy embroidered pashmina shawls that can go well with any colour, such as wine red, black, cream, green, and neutral tones. You can also team up your phulkari dupattas with silk outfits, or hand-painted Madhubani dupattas with tussar silk suits.

Warm Long Sleeve Blouse

Rock a full-sleeve, heavy-duty, warmer blouse with either a unique V-neckline or a crew neckline with an eye-rolling neckline and a sexy, revealing back. Slay with unique and trendy jewellery.

Cover With A Blazer

Adding a striking blazer, cape, or shrug to the wedding ensemble is probably the best way to prevent the winter chills. Style a boho, ivory, chikankari, brocade blazer, coat, or jacket over a saree.

Blouse Replacement

Replace your blouse with a full-sleeve woollen sweater, fitted turtlenecks, ponchos, crop jackets, silk shirts, and short kurtis to make a statement piece. Pair it with a belt for a tidy and chic look.
Choose the best styling suggestions so you can stay warm while looking great!

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