• Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Five innovative ideas to make house parties more interesting

No party these days goes from being ‘just okay’ to ‘unforgettable and mind-blowing’ if you haven't planned for it well. Be it music, theme, food or movie night, your party will truly rock if you include these innovative ideas to make your house party more interesting. Read on.

Odishatv Bureau
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House partyPhotoPhoto: Unsplash

Five innovative ideas to make house parties more interesting

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Unlike in a club or lounge, a house party’s music, guest list, and hours of fun are all in your control. But with tremendous power comes great responsibility, and if you don't manage everything properly, your guests won’t be as enthused about turning up the next time. Here are a few ideas to make house parties more fun and interesting:

Food and beverages

Bite-sized finger meals, munchies, appetisers and dips are preferred for crazy house parties. Consider options such as potato wedges, kebabs, sesame fingers, veggie chips, and fries. Nutcrackers and Lavash bread with different dips are great. Providing a variety of beverages which include hard and soft drinks is enough to get the party going.

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A superb theme can transform an ordinary party into something incredibly inventive, exciting, and jaw-dropping. An out-of-the-box theme can transform traditional house parties into unforgettable experiences. Consider going beyond the tried and tested themes to something like ‘Come as your favourite movie star’ and your party will rock.


When you think of party games, you imagine that all the guests will have a fantastic time. That will happen only if your games are different with easy rules which can be followed by everyone. Intelligent party games, like road trip games, can be customised, and will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.


If your music doesn’t rock, chances are the party won’t either. There is no exception to this rule. Find a good DJ, and have them hold down the fort in the corner of your living room. If you don't want a DJ, take charge of the music. Nobody expects you to be a cool DJ, but encourage friends to pitch in and double the fun.

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Movie Night

If having a film show is part of the get-together, line up options for the guests. It may be a great idea to choose a genre - like horror, comedy, romance, or classic, shortlist some films from there, before you finally zero in on one. As a special treat, select your guest of honour's favourite.

If you're stuck for ideas, make it a collaborative effort and poll your guests while sending out the invites. You can innovate some more using these ideas as a starting point.

If you are planning a party to commemorate a significant event, a few tweaks in line with current trends are your go-to option. In the end, it’s all about having fun.