Sangati Jogwar

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  • Men want their women to be open and communicative.
  • Here are the other important things that they would desperately want from women in 2023.

Today’s women are more open and clear about what they want. And if they desire anything from men, they will convey it to them. But for men opening up about their wants and desires can be a major obstacle in a relationship. So if your man is keeping you guessing about what he wants this year, check out these 5 things he may desperately want from you in 2023.

Do not control them

Just as they have accepted you the way you are with all the shortcomings, expectations, and demands, men want their women to accept them as they are. Importantly, they desperately would want their women this year to cut that controlling rein and let them do what they want, be it boozing around a bit, working more for that promotion in the office, or spending some quality time with their male pals.

Trust them

Having late-night office stays does not necessarily mean that your man is having a fling with a colleague. With the competition getting stiffer on the work front, he would expect you to trust him if he returns late from the office or is on his laptop constantly even after returning home.

Fidelity is a top priority

As both of you try hard to balance work and home life your man this year will expect you to be loyal to him. Fidelity in any relationship has been the underlined rule always and hence in 2023 as well he will desperately expect the same commitment and loyalty from you. Nothing breaks a relationship more than a two-timing partner.

Intimacy-both emotional and physical

It is quite untrue that men do not need emotional support or do not get hurt easily. They too crave emotional intimacy. Men would want their women to communicate with them openly so that they are more confident about their relationship and can share their secrets, troubles, and issues without any hesitation.

And of course, physical intimacy as always will be one thing that they would not like to compromise upon in 2023.

Pampering and caring

A man loves to walk in a household where he feels loved, cared and pampered. Although with the changing times, his demands have mellowed, men desperately crave that homely feeling and this year too would like their partner to pamper them with lots of love, home-cooked food, and attention.