Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Lying on your resume can be very dangerous.
  • Corporate companies might take legal action if they find that the resume is not authentic.

Job aspirants looking for lucrative job offers often are tempted to lie about a few things on their resumes just to make them stand out.

While earlier it was possible to get away with such lies as many times employers did not have any way to find out the truth, nowadays, all the data is available on the web and can be easily scanned or tracked.

You are setting a trap for yourself

Whenever you lie about your scores in exams or experiences, there is always a chance of getting caught. Instead, it is like setting a trap for you. Nowadays, it is easier for companies to do fact-checking for honesty and accuracy, and hence during the application process if they find anything dubious about your resume they are definitely going to toss it.

Credibility is at stake

Once the HR manager comes to know that you have lied on your resume, your chances of getting a job in that company in the present or in the future are blown away. Notably, most HR professionals know each other very well and hence, simply by word of mouth, your story is bound to spread from one hiring manager to the other from different companies.

Lies will shadow you everywhere

Once you join a company there is bound to be curiosity among your colleagues about you. And if you have lied about working at a prestigious company on your resume, they will ask you questions on the same so if you lie once it is going to shadow you everywhere afterwards.

Fear of getting caught will catch you

Even if you sail through the interview and the initial days at the new company smoothly, you will always have a niggling worry about getting caught. This fear can also lower your confidence at work and affect you emotionally.

You may face legal action

Depending on the consequences that your lie can attract, the company can take legal action against you which will completely destroy your career.