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A study by Grenoble-Alpes University in France seems to indicate that men who like hot and spicy food, may have a higher sexual drive. The study titled "Some Like It Hot" and conducted by researchers from Grenoble-Alpes University in France involved serving mashed potatoes with spicy pepper sauce and salt to 114 men of 18 to 44. The study showed that men with a preference for spicy food have higher testosterone levels, which are linked to testosterone-based characteristics such as aggression, sexual desire, and risk-taking.

The researchers found that men's use of hot sauce was correlated with the amount of testosterone they had in their saliva. That's to say, men with higher testosterone levels tended to use more hot sauce.

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The correlation between preferential rates of capsaicin and testosterone levels was obvious, but it's important to remember that correlation does not equal causation, and it is not yet known whether the link is anything more than a coincidence.

It is believed that spicy foods increase libido and stamina as a result of the endorphin release. Capsaicin, found in hot sauce and chili peppers, triggers the release of endorphins, known as the "feel good" hormone.

There is a possibility that eating spicy food could be viewed as a daring act. Professor Laurent Begue told The Telegraph that testosterone increases men's desire for things that will give them a rush, so they go out looking for "more stimulating social groups and risk more."
It is also possible that regular consumption of spicy food can increase testosterone levels. This has only been shown in rodents so far," he concludes.

The other possibility is that men with high testosterone levels might develop a taste for it, or maybe they become more tolerant of it. Spicy food has also been associated with cultural solid associations: Some cultures prefer spicy foods over others.

However, science indicates that there's a link between eating spicy food and increasing testosterone, even though the study authors are unsure whether eating spicy food leads to an increase in testosterone or whether having more testosterone leads to a taste for hot food. Not that it is the only criterion, but when you now date a guy and he orders spicy food, you know it could indicate.

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