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  • Alcohol is used as cleaning agent, as a solvent and a preservative in mouthwashes.
  • It causes dryness in the mouth as it absorbs saliva very quickly.

Using mouthwash to keep the bad breath away and kill oral bacterial infection is a regular practice. However, overuse or wrong use of such mouthwashes can lead to serious side effects because most of them contain an organic chemical Ethanol.

It is the primary agent used in most of the mouthwashes. This alcohol is used as a cleaning agent, as a solvent, and as a preservative. Generally, the composition of ethanol in mouthwashes can be around 20%, and in alcohol, it can be anywhere between 5 to 12%. It indicates that mouthwashes contain a very high percentage of alcohol which can create problems.

Mouth ulcer

When you use a mouthwash it leaves a burning sensation in the mouth because alcohol is powerful and disrupts oral mucosa leading to irritation. Similarly, alcohol also causes dryness in the mouth as it absorbs saliva very quickly. It ultimately causes the proliferation of microbes leading to dental issues like mouth ulcers and bad breath.

Bacterial imbalance

Millions of bacteria stay in your mouth out of which some are good bacteria whereas some are harmful microbes. The good bacteria help in supporting the digestive process, freshening breath, and protecting teeth. When you use anti-bacterial mouthwashes they eliminate both good and bad bacteria causing an imbalance of bacteria in your mouth. It can cause serious consequences such as enamel erosion, build-up of plaque, gum inflammation , and even tooth loss in some cases.

Dental restorations can get damaged

Alcohol compounds in mouthwashes stain the teeth as well as erode the enamel of the teeth. They also soften the dental materials such as bridges, dental crowns, and dental fillings thus damaging the dental restorations.

The risk of oral cancer increases

The dentist advice gargling for at least 2 minutes with an oral rinse to eliminate food debris, stains, and microbes. When alcohol-based mouthwashes are used for such a long time they cause an increase in mucosal penetration and also introduce carcinogens in large numbers. It can in the long run lead to the growth of tumour cells.

Bad for people suffering from disorders

Alcohol-based mouthwashes should not be used by people who are taking medications to eliminate serious bodily disorders as they are already suffering from bad breath and dry mouth due to heavy medications. People undergoing radiation therapies as well as diabetes treatments may have to face oral irritations due to mouthwashes.

(Disclaimer: This piece of article is for basic information purposes only. It's always advisable to consult a doctor for any type of health issue.)

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