Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Fatty liver disease can be reversed with proper lifestyle and diet changes.
  • Soy, olive oil, and other superfoods if consumed regularly can lessen fat in the liver.

Fat is important for the general health of the body. But when an excess of fat gets deposited in the liver it leads to fatty liver disease. It can be of two types: a liver disease caused due to excess consumption of alcohol or due to eating excess fatty and junk foods.

If the fatty liver disease is not treated on time, it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. However, you can reverse this disease if diagnosed at an early stage by making some lifestyle changes and in some cases with the help of medications.

There are certain superfoods that can help you fight this disease effectively:

Low-fat cow’s milk or Almond milk

Calcium consumption is very important to reverse fatty liver disease. Research has indicated that increasing the intake of vitamin D and calcium in the diet prevents and in many cases reverses this disease.

Since low-fat cow’s milk and almond milk are enriched with calcium and other nutrients including them in your daily diet can help.

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Flax and Chia seeds

Both these types of seeds are rich in omega-3 acids and recommended in the case of nonalcoholic and alcoholic fatty liver as they cut down the fat content in the liver.

Vitamin E- rich foods

Food items that are packed with vitamin E like bell peppers, peanuts, nuts, and spinach are effective in lowering the complications related to fatty liver conditions.

Olive Oil

Avocado and olive oil s are packed with healthy fats and offer a satiated feeling when added to salads and dips. These oils also decrease liver enzyme levels.


According to one study, increasing the intake of garlic (raw or powdered garlic) is effective in reducing the body fat mass in patients with NAFLD as well as a reduction in liver fat thereby keeping the progression of the disease under control.


A few pieces of evidence have indicated that soy if taken in tofu or milk form improves the fatty liver condition and it also improves the metabolic activity of the liver in NAFLD patients.