Vikash Sharma

The possibility of heavy turnout of visitors during this year’s Bali Yatra in Cuttack has promoted various Odisha government departments to be on high ‘alert mode’.

The Odisha Fire Services Department too has come up with a comprehensive strategy to deal with any possible emergency situation arising during the historic trade fair.

Multiple measures have been undertaken by the Odisha Fire Services Department for protection and safety of visitors during the weeklong fair.

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Here are the special measures

5 Temporary Fire Stations

1. Temporary fire station No.1 to function in front of temple side of (Upper Bali Yatra ground)

2. Temporary Fire station No.2 will function near ORMAS (Lower Bali Yatra ground)

3. Temporary fire station No.3 will function near Transformer side LB-31 (Lower Bali Yatra ground)

4. Temporary fire station No.4 will function near parking area (Lower Baliyatra ground)

5. Temporary fire station No.5 will function on the DCP office Gada (Lower Bali Yatra)

In addition to this, 10 fire posts in upper Bali Yatra ground and 40 fire posts in lower Bali Yatra ground will be made functional at various fire-prone points in a view to respond to all fire eventualities.

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5 Rescue Teams

Each rescue team deployed with one power boat and manpower will be deployed at Mahanadi sand base with required life jackets, life boy and other equipment to guard the Mahanadi river bank to respond to any rescue operations.

Fire Patrolling

Two fire patrolling teams will be deployed (one in each sector) at upper and lower Bali Yatra ground with Quick Response Units and extinguishers. The teams shall move around the area from midnight to 6 am in the morning and perform fire protection duty on daily basis.

Fire Control Room

Two control rooms, one at Upper and Lower Bali Yatra Ground will be made functional from November 8 to 15.11.2022 or till the closure of the Bali Yatra