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  • SRK was one of the very few Bollywood superstars of 90s who turned producer very early in his career.
  • He produced a movie Asoka in collaboration with Juhi Chawla which turned out to be a flop.

Shah Rukh Khan has enjoyed a stupendous career as an actor. Despite having a few flops in between his overall journey of more than 30 years has been highly successful. He was one of the very few Bollywood superstars of the 90s who turned producer very early in his career. When he produced Askoa in collaboration with Juhi Chawla, Shah Rukh Khan had high hopes for the movie.

Somehow, it failed to meet the expectations of the audience who refused to accept the King of Romance as a warrior King. Even then SRK did not accept Asoka as a failure and during one of his interviews after the release of this film shared some interesting insights into his strategies and the way he approaches the film business as a whole.

When asked whether he was unhappy because Asoka turned out to be a flop, Shah Rukh Khan refused to call it a flop and said, “Asoka is not a failure. How can a Shah Rukh Khan film priced at Rs 1 crore lose money? The distributors and exhibitors will not lose any money. The price is the winning factor in Asoka. I don't take chances with other people's money. I put my money where my mouth is. I could have even released the film in 500 theatres and recovered my money but I didn't want to do that. The price I pay is foregoing a profit.”

When asked why he did a movie based on the life of an emperor from the 3rd century B.C. which no film producer will dare to do, the Ra One actor said, “I've never done a film with the market in mind. Cinema is a mishran of Lakshmi and Saraswati. I've always gone for Saraswati and Lakshmi has followed. That's worked for me for 10 years. I may be stubborn and an idiot but it works for me. I have taken the onus on myself to make a different film. I want to make an Indian film that runs in Bihar and mainstream theatres in Birmingham.”

Asoka is not a failure: Shah Rukh Khan
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Shah Rukh Khan in most of his interviews has said that his vision for Indian cinema is big and he wants to take it to the international level. And over the years he has managed to get closer to his vision.

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