Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Salman Khan joined Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi during a promotional event for Tiger 3.
  • The Bollywood superstar left everyone laughing as he enacted a kissing scene with Emraan Hashmi.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s 'Tiger 3' has crossed Rs 300 crore worldwide collection and it is expected to do more business in the coming weeks. Recently during the promotions of the threequel Salman Khan did something that left his co-stars Emraan Hashmi and Katrina stunned.

During the event, Salman Khan discussed the romance factor in Tiger 3 and said that if Emraan Hashmi had not played an antagonist he would definitely had some kissing scenes in the movie for which the Murder actor is so famous. Salman said that since Katrina is in the movie, “thoda romance toh banta hai Zoya aur Tiger Ka.”

Then the Bollywood superstar shifted his focus on Emraan and said, “Emraan ka role Aatish ka nahi hota to main aapko guarantee se bolta hu ye to ho hi jata.” And after saying that he went near Emraan and tried to imitate a kissing scene with him.

While the audience broke into laughter even Katrina Kaif could not hold herself from laughing the way Salman spontaneously enacted the kiss.

Salman Khan further said that he has never kissed on the screen but it seems now Emraan is losing his habit of kissing on the screen. The video from the event was shared by a paparazzo on Instagram and shows Salman Khan in a grey T-shirt and denim. Katrina as usual looked gorgeous in a yellow-coloured knee-length outfit and was all smiles as Salman had a funny interaction with the audience in his usual swag and style.

Coming to Tiger 3, although the movie has done well it still has fallen short of expectations because there was a significant dip in collections during the India and New Zealand World Cup semi-finals. Although figures might improve this Saturday, the movie may not be able to get an advantage on Sunday because India meets Australia in the World Cup Finals and everyone will be more inclined to watch the match rather than buy a ticket of Tiger 3.