Cassian Baliarsingh

The ‘Sultan of Bollywood’ has returned with a bang with Tiger 3 and fans are going crazy. The third installment of the Tiger franchise has been making crazy money at the box office with all the shows going houseful.

The film opened to a good response from fans and collected a whopping Rs 44 crore in India. Fans were seen pouring milk on huge cut-outs of Sallu Bhai as Salman mania gripped them. It is also evident from the videos of fans thronging movie theatres.

The internet is flooded with videos of crazy fans dancing, cutting cakes, and dancing inside theatres. However, a particular video of fans bursting crackers inside the theatre while others are watching the movie hasn’t gone down too well with internet users.

The fan clubs of the ‘Dabangg’ star are known to celebrate their favourite star’s movie with crackers and celebrations during Eid every year. This year was no different even as the movie was released on Diwali. A short video shows fans bursting crackers during the screening of Tiger 3 inside a theatre.

As some fans cheered and whistled at the spectacle, others moved away from the embers and burning crackers to a safer distance. Another video shows fans bursting crackers on Salman’s entry in the film. While the celebration and firecrackers bursting is proof of the ‘Tere Naam’ actor’s popularity and stardom, others are not too happy about the trend.

“This is the best way Salman Khan fans could celebrate Diwali,” a fan commented.

However, another internet user trolled and wrote, “Government banned crackers outside so Salman Khan fans burst crackers inside movie theatres.”

“This is too reckless and dangerous,” commented another user while another wrote, “This is so so stupid. What if seats or the carpet catch fire?”