Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The era of south movies has begun and it is quite evident from the recent monstrous records registered by movies from down south. While south movies have turned the tables and are driving movie lovers in the Hindi belt to the theatres, the scene was not the same a few years back. Kannada Rocking Star Yash broke his silence on the most discussed topic.

South movies including KGF: Chapter 1, Pushpa: The Rise, RRR, 777 Charlie, KGF: Chapter 2, Karthikeya 2 followed the trend of Baahubali franchise and registered massive success in the Hindi belt. Even the recent Kannada movie Kantara is continuing its roar at the box office. However, south movies drew a lot of criticism, though some specific movies of stars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan had a reserved audience. 

Of the several factors in south movies that drew criticism, over-rated action sequences and bad-quality dubbing were the prime reasons why the audience didn’t show interest in south movies. But, lately, south movies with all these embedded factors drew the attention of movie lovers and several movies emerged to become successful on the global platform. While several big-budget Bollywood movies have failed to entice movie lovers in the north, the anticipation for upcoming south movies defines the current status.

Now, KGF’s Rocky Bhai aka Yash has expressed his opinion on the south wind in the Hindi-language-dominated north region. 

Yash was quoted as saying, "10 years ago, dubbed films became very popular here (North India). But, initially, they all started watching with different opinions. People used to make fun of South films.

Further, he added, “They were like 'yeh kya action hai, udd raha hai sab.’ That's how it started and eventually, they got hooked on to that, and they started understanding the art form.” 

“The problem with that was our films were sold for a bare minimum price, people used to do bad quality dubbing and it used to be presented in a bad way with funny names," said Yash.

He even recalled his struggle faced in bringing KGF to the big canvas and the current status and image of Kannada industry on the global platform.