Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The Kannada movie Kantara, starring Rishabh Shetty has emerged as one of the most victorious movies. While recent blockbusters like RRR managed to get an 8.0 rating and KGF Chapter 2 got an 8.4 rating, Kantara got the highest IMDb rating with 9.3/10. The movie is running successfully globally in all languages. With its roaring success, finally, Kantara has grabbed the 3rd spot in the list of highest-grossing Kannada cinema. 

The current debate across the country is why Kantara and several recent south movies are being heaped with praises.

Kantara brings in the story of a mystical forest, a tribe, and the age-old tradition and culture followed by them. Rishabh’s stellar performance in the movie was hailed by movie lovers across the world. Apart from the onscreen performance of the actors, it was the story plot that drew the attention of all. 

Kantara proves that a strong storyline is the real hero that can help a movie achieve success. Even this movie has clearly proven that a movie can fetch an audience and churn out a good collection at the box office without any big star cast, VFX, or songs. Moreover, Kantara has once again proven that a mega-budget is not essential to make any project hit. Made at a mere budget of Rs 15-20 crore, the movie is doing wonders at the box office and is all set to surpass the magical mark of Rs 200 crore.

Lately, the inclination of movie lovers towards south movies has increased. South movie industries produce the highest number of movies every year. Earlier, even south movies tasted success pan-India as well as globally, but it remained restricted to certain A-listed actors like Rajinikanth or Kamal Haasan, et al. However, no one would have ever dreamed that KFI would emerge from nowhere to rule the Indian cinema. 

At a time when Bollywood is losing out in the race, south movies have taken up movie lovers by storm. While Hindi movies have lost glory, the current debate is all about the reasons why and how south movies are now being loved pan-India. 

Earlier, movie lovers in the Hindi belt had less interest in south movies and ignored those. But, things have changed with time. Apart from the mounting controversies in the B Town, the lack of good concepts and proper presentation has drawn the ire of movie lovers

On the other hand, Kantara, with its simple concept was able to win the hearts of movie lovers. It is believed that the appreciation for south movies spiked as the makers stick to their culture, and tradition and present the same onscreen. Starting from the use of traditional costumes to presenting their culture with authenticity, south movie makers keep it raw and present it in the best way. Even the movies are somehow inspired by some real incidents and a real-life person. The same rule was followed in Kantara. 

Meanwhile, Bollywood has fallen behind the race and ace movie makers have lost the trust of movie lovers. Thus, south movies have taken a lead in the race. The current trend will continue unless the Hindi movie makers opt to banish unnecessary stuff and rather focus on enriching the concept, storyline, screenplay, and cast.