• Friday, September 22, 2023
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KGF's Khasim Chacha battling cancer, fans pin high hopes on Yash for financial aid

Harish also added that he couldn't breathe and felt suffocated while he was shooting the climax scene of KGF.

Nitesh Kumar Sahoo
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KGF's Khasim Chacha battling cancer, fans pin high hopes on Yash for financial aidPhotoPhoto: Twitter/SridharDPS

Yash with Harish Roy (Left) Harish Roy in KGF Chapter 2 (Right)

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KGF Chapter 1, as well as KGF Chapter 2, have set high bars in the Indian cine industry. While Rocking Star Yash's Rocky Bhai character earned him a new identity across the globe, several other characters in supporting roles from both movies also got recognition. One such character is Khasim Chacha, which was portrayed by actor Harish Rai. 

Khasim Chacha, who stood in support of Rocky since his childhood, earned him a different fan base. His character was more of a fatherly figure to Rocky apart from extending him support and motivation. 

However, here is a piece of sad news, if you admire Khasim Chacha's character. Harish is battling with Stage-IV thyroid cancer and the most disturbing thing is he has no financial backup for treatment. The actor also revealed that he had sported a long beard to cover his swelling neck.

During a conversation with a YouTuber, Harish revealed his medical condition and said, "I have been suffering from cancer for three years now. There is a reason I had a long beard when performing in KGF. It was to cover the swelling in my neck that this disease has caused."

Further, he said, "I put off my surgery because I didn’t have any money at first. I waited till the movies were released. Now that I’m at the fourth stage, things are becoming worse."

While Harish pleaded for financial aid for his treatment, netizens and especially fans of Yash have pinned high hopes on their Rocking Star and the KGF makers.

One user wrote, "Rocky Bhai...Chacha Need your help ...@TheNameIsYash @hombalefilms @VKiragandur  ....Time agaya 🙏😢😑😇... ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ಸಹಾಯ ಮಾಡಿ "

Another wrote, " KGF team can help him out!! They have made huge collections and they can infact take care of his medical expenses!!"

Fans urge Yash & KGF makersFans urge Yash & KGF makers

However, as claimed by a fan, "Since yesterday many ppl have been asked to tweet for the financial help for Harish Sir. Here I'd like to inform you that,this matter has been reached out to @TheNameIsYash sir and his team. They are working on to help our Harish raj sir❤️. Let's all pray and wish him to recover"

Further, the fan wrote, "So at the moment, big hands are already involved. We don't have to worry about his financial aid. Definitely, Will keep an eye on this. How things will go and based on that we can take next steps."

As per reports, many actors, producers, and directors from the Sandalwood industry have come forward and extended financial support to Harish.

Certain reports suggest that Harish is currently undergoing treatment at Kidwai hospital in Delhi and underwent lung surgery, but the doctors believe that he is in need of more treatment. The medicine alone costs around Rs 3 lakh per month, reports suggested.

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