Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • BTS recently released a video revealing glimpses of the making of Permission to Dance.
  • The behind-the-scene clips showcase the hard work the septet underwent during the making of this music video.

As usual, the Permission to Dance, a music video released by BTS at the start of this month has received a massive response. The septet released it on the ARMY day to acknowledge the love that they have received from their fans in the last few years. And now the South Korean pop group has come out with a video that shows some interesting glimpses of the making of Permission to Dance.

The team has released the video on Bangtan TV’s YouTube channel. The video shows BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, and RM revealing how they worked and what they went through during the making of this music video. The septet takes its fans behind the scenes through the video and showcases the struggles and hard work that their favorite pop stars had to do to make the final output so sleek and impressive.

When the Permission to Dance was being shot, it was summertime and the pop stars struggled to keep their cool during the hot weather. The video shows how the BTS leader RM tried to remain cool by trying to fan all by him. While V can be seen choreographing a particular portion of the music video, Jungkook trying the spin action repeatedly to make the shot perfect is very impressive.

Another interesting fact that fans get to see in the video is the way the shooting had to be stopped because of audio failure. The audio failed while BTS was filming the final portion of the music video and hence the song stopped playing.

While V and Jin continued with their high-energy dance routine in silence, it stopped Suga, surprised by the sudden audio failure.

Permission to Dance received exceptional love as the team members of the K-pop group used sign language in the music video. BTS members made sign languages while they danced on the audio.