Mumbai: Model-actor Kapil Khadiwala, who features in the latest web series "Ashleel", says his character is that of a sex addict and convincing himself for the role was not easy.

"'Ashleel' is a spoof on porn. It is a complete comedy with a message on how porn films badly affect children," said Kapil.

"I am playing the lead, Ravi, who is a medical store owner. Ravi sells sex medicine and is famous for it. But he is a virgin and a sex addict, and fantasises about every girl he sees," the actor added, throwing light on his character in the show, which released earlier this month.

"As an actor it was very tough to convince myself to get into the character of Ravi. I am from a modeling background, I have always been surrounded by pretty girls and I have seen enough of glamour. So, it was difficult for me to behave like Ravi. It was challenging, and I took six months to prepare for it," he informed.

Right now, Kapil is spending time at home amidst lockdown. "I am at my hometown Indore with my parents. Initially, it was difficult to pass time during the pandemic, but then I started doing meditation in the mornings and evenings and it made me calm and stable. I do one hour's cardio in the morning and in the evening, I do weight training for two hours. Apart from this, I watch at least one film a day, play snooker, badminton, and do gardening just to keep myself creatively busy," the actor informed.

The actor is currently gearing up for the next season of the web series "Ashleel", which streams on PrimeShots.