Sharmili Mallick

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is likely to announce the results for Class 10 Board Exams 2021 by July 20. At this juncture, the board has issued a circular to all its affiliated schools after which it is being speculated that the results might get further delayed.

The CBSE has asked the schools to stick to the assessment policy formulated by it for awarding marks to the students and warned to refrain from giving inflated marks.

The CBSE in its circular said, "The Tabulation Policy of Class-X was to understand the principles of evaluation namely reliability, fairness and validity during the process of evaluation and to take care of the variation in school level evaluation process, standardize the scores across schools through a process of moderation of marks. This was necessary in the interest of fairness and to ensure that the marks allotted are comparable and there is no adverse impact or undue gain for any student because of the methodology and the processes of evaluation used by an individual school."

To support schools in above mentioned task of utmost importance, the CBSE gave best of three years performance including marks distribution and mean marks for reference purpose.

"Accordingly, schools were expected to follow the reference distribution while awarding marks. However, upon data analysis post uploading of marks by schools, it has been observed that while majority of schools have followed the reference distribution, some schools have not done the same and bunched the marks in upper brackets of given reference range. e.g. instead of distributing theory marks in 70-80 range, marks have been bunched between 77-80 range," stated the board.

This is unfair to the few actually deserving candidates, whose performance will fall in this range of marks. Accordingly, such schools are directed to comply with the tabulation policy, both in letter and spirit, by awarding marks, similar with the best historic performance, in terms of number of students at each level of marks in the range 96 to 100 marks (Theory + Internal Assessment), warned the CBSE.

"The cases of all the candidates who have been awarded 96 and more marks should be reviewed and revised in a manner that the number of students scoring 96 and above in a subject, this year, is not more than the number of students scoring those marks in that subject, as per the best historic performance of the last three years," the CBSE circular read.

All defaulter schools who have not complied with policy in its true spirit and awarded marks to students on higher side are being given an opportunity to re-look the marks and redo moderation in accordance historical performance and given reference range, said the CBSE.

"Few schools which have still not uploaded marks despite many extensions of last date. Such schools are also being given last opportunity to upload marks," the board said in the circular addressed to all the Principals and Head of Institutions.

The CBSE has also opened the portal for all the school to submit marks from today i.e. July 13, 2021 13th July. The portal will be opened till July 17, 2021 (5 PM).

During this period, schools have to complete the work. In case, it is observed that the schools do not follow the directions, CBSE before preparation of result will moderate the marks to bring the awarded marks as per policy and also initiate action against the schools, said the CBSE.

The CBSE also informed that the changes made by the schools in data will be recorded by board and if it observed that policy has not been followed, CBSE may initiate action against such schools as stipulated in the policy.