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News Highlights

  • Priyadarshini Sahu was found dead in a pool of blood in Bhimatangi of Bhubaneswar
  • Accused Jagannath Pradhan wanted to kill the deceased's 3-year-old son
  • Jagannath made a video call to deceased's husband after the murder

A man who allegedly killed a married woman in a house at Bhimatangi area of Bhubaneswar earlier in the day had also planned to kill her three-year-old son before attempting suicide, the police said after preliminary investigation. 

A handwritten note recovered from the crime scene revealed about the ghastly plan of the accused, Jagannath Pradhan who attempted to kill himself after brutally murdering Priyadarshini Sahu.

Priyadarshini’s son, however, luckily escaped the death by whisker as he had gone upstairs to the landlord’s house when the accused allegedly committed the gruesome murder.

Priyadarshini was found dead in a pool of blood today while the accused was also found lying unconscious in the house.

According to police, the deceased’s husband Rakesh Sahu had left for office at 9 am today after which the accused committed the crime. The accused had made a video call to Rakesh after the murder in an apparent attempt to show the gory act. As Rakesh could not take the call, the assailant then sent a picture of Priyadarshini lying in a pool of blood. An anxious Rakesh then made a call to his landlord, requesting the latter to inquire what had happened in the house.

The landlord found Priyadarshni and accused lying on the floor and informed Rakesh who rushed home. After receiving a call from Rakesh, the police rushed to the spot along with a firensic team and launched an investigation.

“As per preliminary investigation, the woman was brutally killed. Police visited the spot after getting complaint from deceased’s husband. A critically injured person was found at the spot. He has been shifted to a hospital. She was killed by a sharp weapon. The investigation is at an initial stage and we are trying to gather more clues,” said DCP Umashankar Dash.  

According to sources, Priyadarshini had married to Rakesh, a native of Kuakhia of Jajpur district seven years ago. The couple had been living at the rented house at Bhimatangi along with their 3-year-old son.

“Both Priyadarshini and Jagannath hailed from Jajpur and were known to each other. However, he hatched a plan to eliminate Priyadarshini. He also wanted to kill her son and later commit suicide. However, the child survived as he was not present,” a source said. 

The deceased’s landlord said, “We were speechless when we saw two bodies lying on the floor. When the deceased’s husband reached here after getting our call, he called the police. We do not have any idea what had happed. The police are doing their investigation.”  

While the motive behind the gruesome murder is still not clear the mother of the deceased demanded stringent punishment for the accused. “My son-in-law called up my husband and asked him to reach Bhubaneswar soon. Once we reached, we were devastated by the shocking news,” said the bereaved mother of the deceased. 

She said she did not know the accused and added that there was no problem in the marital relation between her daughter and son-in-law.
She demanded capital punishment for the killer.

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