Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In a major move to control antisocial and organised criminal activities posing threat to the law and order situation in the State, the Odisha government will soon be introducing the 'Goonda And Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Bill, 2021' in the Assembly for approval.

As per reports, the State government has taken the initiative in a bid to control people causing disruption in law and order situation in the State. 

The government aims to bring down the rising crimes in the State with the promulgation of the bill, commonly referred as 'Goonda Act'. The tentative bill is being drafted considering different proposals to get approval from the State cabinet before it is tabled in the State Legislative Assembly.

In a letter to the Additional DG, Special Secretary to the government, Santosh Bala stated, "The Law Department scrutinized the draft memorandum for the cabinet and tentative bill and returned the file with some observations to be taken into consideration while finalising the legislative proposals."

Further initiatives will be taken after the Crime Branch scrutinizes the drafted bill after the formulation by the Law Department. 

"Everything depends on the legalities  and comprehensive criminal law codes taken into consideration. Efforts should be given to impose the law strictly. There will be no benefit if the bill gets drafted with rules that will keep on enduring the case. In case the habitual offenders get bail, then even there is no reason for introducing such a bill. The legal rules mentioned in the bill should be strict so that the antisocial gets punished and no innocent person suffers," said Bipin Bihari Mishra, Ex-DGP, Odisha.

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