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As the investigation continues in Kannada superstar Darshan’s involvement in the murder of his fan Renuka Swamy, more skeletons are tumbling out of the closet. While the actor is receiving severe backlash for his involvement in Renuka’s murder, the unresolved mystery of the disappearance of his former manager, Mallikarjun B Sankanagoudar has now come to the fore.

Shockingly, Darshan’s ex-manager has been mysteriously missing since the last eight years. According to OneIndia, Mallikarjun worked closely with Darshan and managed his film schedule and other work. However, he has been missing since 2016.

Latest reports suggest that Mallikarjun was into film production and distribution. He had reportedly taken Rs 1 crore from actor Arjun Sarja and around Rs 2 crore from Darshan. His sudden vanishing has left many questions unanswered, particularly after it was learnt that he had taken money from Darshan.

Despite best efforts by the police, Mallikarjun remains untraceable till date. Shockingly, Darshan has also remained silent and deliberately tried to stay away from the situation. This isn’t the first time Darshan has been involved in controversy.

The actor was earlier accused of assaulting a businessman inside a pub. He has several cases against his name in Bengaluru.

Meanwhile, police sources claim Darshan and his rumoured partner were allegedly present at the time of assaulting Renuka Swamy. His post-mortem report confirms he was subjected to electric shocks prior to his death. Signs of electrical burns are also evident on his body, indicating use of a high-voltage device. While primary cause of death has not been explicitly stated, the severe torture and electrical shocks contributed significantly to his demise.

The time of his death is being estimated to be shortly after he was electrocuted. A total of 19 people including Darshan and Pavitra have been arrested in the case. Latest reports suggest actor Chikkanna, popularly known for comedy in Kannada industry is also suspected to have been with Darshan on eve of murder.

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Preliminary probe revealed Renuka, a die-hard fan of Darshan, was kidnapped, tortured and killed, only because he had passed some comments on Pavitra on social media.

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