Pradeep Pattanayak

Actor-turned-politician Anubhav Mohanty on Saturday lodged a complaint at the Cyber Crime and Economic Offences police station in Cuttack, alleging that a fake Instagram account has been opened by some fraudster using his name. 

In his complaint, the Parliamentarian stated that the fraudster is seeking donations on that social media platform. The fraudster’s fake account has some 94,000 followers. 

“The fake account has also blocked my account so that I cannot see any nefarious activities. Some of my fans and followers have been cheated. Such fake accounts are also on Facebook too,” read the complaint. 

The MP also requested the police to take stringent action against the fraudster. 

“I request to take strict action against wrongdoers and block the account immediately so that such fake donation campaign doesn't run longer. I also request to take some exemplary actions against them so that it’s not repeated or done by anyone else in future,” read the complaint. 

Notably, such cases of cyber fraudsters collecting money through opening fake social media accounts using the names of some known figures have been on the rise in the state.