Odishatv Bureau

Actor-turned-politician Anubhav Mohanty is not interested in any sort of mediation in the ongoing legal proceedings over marital discord case with his estranged wife Varsha Priyadarshini. MP Anubhav has filed an affidavit at the family court in Cuttack regarding the same. 

On the other hand, actress Varsha informed that she is comfortable in either case; mediator or not.

As per reports, both Anubhav and Varsha physically attended the family court on Tuesday. The judge in his private chamber discussed about the case with the duo separately. 

In the previous date, the judge had discussed with both of them for over two hours for reconciliation. A new date was allotted with expectations of resolving the issue. However, after Anubhav affirmed about not being interested in compromising, the court accepted his plea and assigned a date for further hearing.

“The judge thought that there was a chance of reconciliation for which he hadn’t allocated a new date for hearing. Today in his chamber, Honorable judge conducted the reconciliation proceedings. However, it was confirmed that there was no scope of reconciliation. So, next proceedings will be on the next date which includes cross-examination and trials. An affidavit has been filed to bring on record certain facts,” said Saswat Acharya, Anubhav’s advocate.

Meanwhile, Varsha’s advocate, Siddharth Das said, “She wants a correction in a part which was written by Delhi jurisdiction. We have demanded time for correction. The court has considered the same and after consideration, the court will announce the next date. Varsha has expressed to extend full support for settlement.”