Rashmi Rekha Das

A day after Khandagiri police arrested a woman on charges of blackmailing some high-profile people from politicians to film producers and extorting money from them, OTV has got an exclusive video footage of the lady blackmailer on Saturday.

In the video, the woman accused was seen purportedly finalizing a deal with a young girl and a man in a luxurious hotel. From the conversation, it can be heard that the man was disagreeing on requirement of some eight days. Then the lady blackmailer could be heard saying ‘Do you need four days’ to which the man answered ‘Four days are not required’. Business is not doing well for last 3-4 days.’ Later, the accused woman advised the young girl saying ‘Have a clear discussion with bhai then only I will take a final decision about you.’ Just shortly after that, the woman can be seen vacating the place saying the spot was not appropriate to discuss such topics.

However, the police are yet to establish the identity of the man and young girl present there. Besides, it is yet to be ascertained what kind of deal the lady blackmailer was making with the duo.  

Though it is alleged that the mysterious lady was held on charges blackmailing film producers and politicians, police are yet to disclose the names of the people linked who had named the lady culprit.

Apart from luxurious cars and house among other properties, police also came to know that the lady blackmailer owns a farm house, a car showroom and a horse.

On the other hand, drastic financial change in the life of the woman has raised eyebrows especially after expose of her husband’s links with the Biju Janata Dal. 

Notably, around fifteen years back, the lady blackmailer’s father used to run a grocery shop at his village in Jaleswar. She was often seen sitting with her father at the shop during her school days. 

Local residents of the area claimed that her family’s financial condition was not good back then but at the same time they have exclaimed how the girl, who is now married, can grow to such heights in such a short span of time. 

A neighbour of the lady back then spoke to OTV saying, “When I was studying in Class X, her father had a grocery shop. They were not leading a good lifestyle. Now she resides in Bhubaneswar. I was shocked after learning about her.”

Former Police DG Sanjeev Marik Barik said, “Police cannot investigate the people with whom she has relations with. This is called yellow page.”

Meanwhile, the lady’s blackmailer’s husband Jagabandhu Chand’s nexus with Biju Janata Dal has further fuelled more speculations of involvement of influential people in the case. However, the police are yet to clear air on it.