Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The Commissionerate Police on Wednesday claimed to have cracked the murder of a woman and her nine-year old son in Kalinga Nagar area on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar under Tamando Police limits on last evening.

The police claimed that Abanti Mangaraj- the husband  of the deceased woman Swarnalata Mangaraj and her son- has confessed to have committed the crime. The accused has been arrested today.

 “Abanti confessed that he killed his wife and son due to severe mental pressure as he was going through financial constraints,” said Bhubaneswar Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Umashankar Dash.

 “Abanti was under pressure as he had promised to pay back debts he owed to some people, yesterday. But, he couldn’t arrange the money and lost his mental balance in the process which forced him to kill his family members,” said Dash.

 The accused had reportedly planned the crime earlier on Monday. As planned, he mixed sleeping pills in their food in the afternoon. When the mother-son duo was in deep sleep at night under the effect of the sedatives, he strangulated both to death, police said.

 “The accused also tried to commit suicide after killing his wife and son. However, he changed his mind later and fled at around 10 am on Tuesday,” Dash said.
The body of the mother and the son was recovered on Tuesday by the Tamando police which rushed to the house at Kalinga Nagar K-4 area after they were informed about the gruesome double murders. Later, Abanti was tracked down after a few hours of search. He was subjected to questioning during which he allegedly confessed to his crime.