Odishatv Bureau

Hundreds of youths in Gajapati district of Odisha have allegedly been duped of over Rs 6 crore by an online gambling app which vanished overnight after accepting bets by promising hefty returns.  

Some of the defrauded people approached the Southern Range Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police on Friday with a complaint to get back their lost money.

“The Cyber police are investigating the case. We will try our best to get the money defrauded from the unsuspecting people back” DIG Satyabrata Bhoi said.

He said smart phone using young people from three blocks in the district have been affected by the scam.

As per reports, sometime back, people started receiving the link of an app, ‘Nice Share’, over social media sites. The app promised hefty rewards on sharing the link with their contacts. To instil confidence in the subscribers, the app started returning small amount of cash on deposits, the complainants said.

Enticed by the scheme, the gullible victims even went on to invest bigger amounts ranging up to Rs 18 lakh. However, to their dismay, the app vanished after people put in larger amounts.

“I began my investment with Rs 30,000. After a while, the group expanded and we received good returns. Some even enhanced their deposit to over Rs 1 lakh. But all of a sudden the app disappeared”, alleged a victim.

Bhoi said the scammers trapped many by promising good returns from online gambling. He said people should stay away from such shady apps which are nothing but traps to swindle people’s money.

“From poor to educated, people have invested their money in the app and almost all the blocks in the district have been affected by the scam,” said the Sarpanch of one of the scam-hit villages.

Meanwhile, the victims have appealed the police to bring the cyber scamsters to book so as to prevent any future scam and get their money back too.

(By Somatirtha Purohit)