Ramakanta Biswas

News Highlights

  • Chaotic & stampede-like situation broke out at vaccination centre in Khordha
  • Police policemen resorted to lathi charge to disperse the mob

Beneficiaries standing in long queues to take Covid-19 vaccine shots were greeted with police batons instead after chaotic and stampede-like situation broke out at a vaccination centre in Khordha district on Friday.  

The incident was reported at Krutibas Bhawan vaccination centre under Banpur Community Health Centre (CHC) in the district where a large number of people turned up to take vaccine jabs. 

As the police personnel deployed there struggled to control the crowd and maintain social distancing, a scuffle like situation occurred. The policemen resorted to lathi charge to disperse the mob. 

While such situation is commonplace at vaccination centre across the State and outside, a video of today’s incident went viral on the social media triggering strong reactions. 

Speaking about the incident, a youth from Balugaon said, “There was a stock of 300 doses out of which 200 doses were administered to the people. When I inquired where the remaining stock was, the staffer said the stock dried up. When I objected, two police personnel pulled me by my hands. A lady constable also abused me,”he alleged. 

“Everyone was taking vaccine in queue, but some people forcibly reached out to the vaccinator without standing in the queues. Unfortunately, the police deployed there did not pay any heed. Soon, the place became crowded and the police started lathi charge,” said another resident.

Reacting to the incident, Ramakanta Nayak, medical officer at Banpur Community Health Centre said, “We need one more place to carry out the vaccination. A large number of people turned up at the centre to take first and second doses, resulting in the crowd.”