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Ever pondered the reason behind the very good health and fitness of our ancestors or primates when there was no gym and trainers? Well, the "animal movement exercises" were the secret of their energy. 

But what are those? Animal exercises include a dynamic full-body exercise regime that nudges people to get down on all fours and start crawling, jumping, and moving. So, call out your inner animal to strengthen your body, improve balance, and be healthy from within. 

Here Are The Top 5 Animal Movement Exercises For You To Try At Home:

Push Up To Frog: 

The lesser-known frog push-up exercise helps strengthen your pushing muscles, especially your  triceps, shoulders and chest. Place your hands and legs like a frog, facing inwards, against the floor. Keep your back straight while raising your hips with your knees bent. Lower yourself, hold for 2-3 seconds and then push back to the initial position.

Bear Crawls:

The bear crawl exercise  requires one to take a push-up position with the knees at a  90° angle, an inch over the floor. The back should be straight, hands beneath the shoulders, and heels off the ground with a tight core. Move ahead by crawling with the left leg and right hand at the same time.

Monkey Jump: 

The ape jump is tiring yet fun! This exercise requires you to jump forward, backward, and sideways, too. Hands must touch the floor, and the body should lean forward with the head pointed upward. Make a big jump with your whole body stretched, leave the arms loose, and then back down.

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Vertical Frog Jump Exercise: 

Stand straight and then squat down with feet pointed out at a 45°angle. Touch the ground with your  fingers and then jump high back into the air.

Inchworms Exercise: 

Stand tall, inhale and walk your hands forward, one at a time, allowing your heels to lift off the floor. Go far and stop when your hands reach close to your feet. This exercise provides a nice stretch through your hamstrings, calves, and glutes. 

*Disclaimer: Information provided here is for general purpose only. It is not a substitute for professional advice.