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Space is a serious issue that concerns many. People residing in compact houses with not-so-large rooms can also make their rooms appear spacious and tidy, with all the favourite things they need. Try making more use of small or compact rooms by using furniture that saves space and helps you better utilise your available space.

Here are some options to make your room appear more spacious and neat:

Foldable workspace:

It appears as a drawer, but when you open it, the drawer unfolds to become a work table and then folds back in when not in use. You can also use the table to have your meals or place some stuff over it.

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Three-seat sofa-cum-bed:

The space-saving, multipurpose, and minimalistic sofa-cum-bed is perfect for a small living room. It can be used as a sofa as well as for a hearty sleep. It is light as compared to other beds and can be transferred easily from one room to another.

Collapsible laundry basket:

The simple foldable basket saves space. It is also a multipurpose item that can be used as a laundry basket for keeping wet, dry, or used clothes, toys, newspapers, magazines, fruits, and vegetables. Also, it is detachable, easy to install, and can be placed in the bathroom, kitchen, study, or even the closet.

Zig-Zag Corner Wall Mount Shelf:

The uniquely designed wooden shelf is not only stylish but can also be fitted in narrow and small corners. It can also turn into a showpiece for your photo frames, indoor plants, distinct art pieces, or even hold your stationery items like penholders, books, dictionaries, and novels.

Chandeli travel handbag:

The foldability and portability of this handbag save space and store multiple things in one piece of cloth. It has detachable pockets and chains. Also, it looks more like a well-designed handbag than a huge storage bag. You can use it to store your markers, pens, pencils, highlighters, makeup brushes, combs, teabags, coffee sachets you get from hotels, and so on.

You can choose some aforementioned ideas to elaborate space. Make rooms spacious by choosing the right yet stylish furniture. 

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