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High heels seem to be in style and give you a taller, sexier aura, but at what cost? The footwear can cause a variety of foot issues, reduce stability, and raise the chance of injury, which may amplify it more if not taken seriously. In addition to causing harm, wearing high heels puts too much-unintended pressure on the feet, lower back, and legs, which harms balance, gait, and posture. They may potentially result in spinal nerve disorders that produce spasms. 

They bring on a pulsating and constrictive ache while just standing, moving, dancing, or simply relaxing against a bar. Therefore, we've got you covered with 5 essential tips that will allow you to enjoy wearing heels with comfort.

Moisturise To Prevent Friction:

Applying lotion or skin essential oils to your feet before fitting them into the footwear can reduce the friction between the skin and the heels. This will reduce the chances of developing blisters and burns.

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Use Bandages:

You can use bandages to line your heels so as to prevent friction. It can also be applied directly to any blisters or other potential areas, such as the back of the heel, to help reduce any additional friction.

Get The Correct Foot Size:

Choosing the "right" foot size is crucial. As people have different shapes of feet—some have wide toes, while others have narrower ones—finding the perfect size to fit your feet can be challenging. So, purchase what comforts you. You might go for open-toe heels rather than closed or confined ones.

Block Heels Or Platforms:

Although nothing can match the "highness" of pencil heels, with booming footwear choices, one can opt for block heels or platforms. They are comfortable and fancy at the same time.

Extra Cushioning For More Support:

It will be far more comfortable to wear heels with additional top coverage, an ankle strap, or both. Purchase a foot cushion because they serve as shock absorbers and provide extra support for the soles of your feet. 

Also, apply an ice pack to the feet once you remove the heels to treat soreness. Follow these aforementioned tips to ensure a comfortable moment in your heels.