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Apart from a soothing self-care regime, pedicures have many benefits, including healthy blood circulation, stimulating nail growth, and grooming your feet by making them feel youthful.

Maintain soft, smooth, healthy, and cracked-free heels overnight with these 5 simple and easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Remove The Nail Paint

Clean your nails by wiping off any old nail polish. Use cotton wipes and nail paint remover. Cut and shape them to the desired length and shape.

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Step 2: Soak Your Foot

Warm water + Epsom salt (which contains baking soda and the essential oils of aloe vera, coconut, and peppermint. Epsom is easily available to buy on Amazon or Flipkart or any e-commerce portal) + Essential oil or Milk

Immerse your feet for 20 minutes. Soaking heels in warm water with Epsom salt and milk will repair, rejuvenate, and remove the dead skin cells prevailing in between the cracked skin on heels.

Step 3: Exfoliating Or Scrubbing

Soaking your feet in a warm water solution will facilitate the process of exfoliation. Use a pumice stone or a foot filler to scrape off the dirt and dead skin on the soles of your feet, particularly your heels. Scrub your feet for 5 minutes. Also, clean the nails and cuticles. Once done, wash it off with cold water.

Step 4: Pat Dry And Moisturize 

Avoid rubbing with a towel0; instead, pat it gently, followed by moisturizer. In order to moisturize your stiff and cracked heels, look for a lotion that has urea or lactic acid as a component. Or you can use the malai present in the milk.

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Step 5: Seal In The Love And Care 

Now, wrap your moisturized feet in a food wrap, saran wrap, or breathable socks and leave undisturbed overnight. This will seal in the moisture and help your feet absorb all of it.

Repeat the steps once a month and apply moisturizer after washing your feet regularly for smooth and crack-free heels.