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  • Even a good relationship can have its ups and downs.
  • Here are 5 signs that indicate your relationship is heading toward a breakup.

Even good relationships have their ups and downs. But when a particular relationship becomes toxic or depressive, it's time to break up and move on in your life. No relation is big enough to compromise your peace of mind.

Here are 5 Red Flags in a Relationship that You must take Seriously:

Not Interested In Your Partner

Over a particular span of time, there comes a sudden block in a relationship when you feel that you are no more interested in your partner. Either this can be a temporary phase or it simply can be that you have fallen out of love with that person. Give yourself some time and if you still feel that you are no longer interested in being with your partner or listening to him or knowing about him, for sure the relationship is heading towards a dead-end.

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Incessant Fighting

One of the red flags is that you keep on fighting non-stop. You are unable to get along on many issues, and more than that you even many times are not interested in resolving the matter soon and patching it up fast.

Stop Enjoying Sex

Physical attraction is one of the reasons why the two of you came together. While over a period of time it is love that brought you and kept you together, if you have stopped enjoying sex then it is a sign that you are heading toward a breakup.

Not Caring About Each Other

A couple with a good bond and a lot of love always cares about each other’s emotional and physical conditions. But if you or your partner have stopped caring for each other and do not feel guilty for disrespecting the other, you must take it as a sign of a failing relationship.

Trust Issues

You have stopped trusting each other. In the case you keep on questioning each other about various things and doubt the moves and actions of your partner then you certainly have some trust issues and it is time to break up.

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