Cassian Baliarsingh

With the advancement of technology and social media, it is very easy to get into a casual relationship, but finding true love these days is next to impossible. People are slowly drifting towards desires and short-term pleasures rather than falling in love and cherishing the experience of bonding, compromise and passion.

There is a lack of commitment and loyalty among couples these days. Many of us lack maturity and understanding, thereby leading to break-ups and ugly fights.

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However, people of these zodiac signs are faithful and true in love. They are also very lucky in love. Read to know if you or your partner is among the lucky ones.


People with these star signs are very emotional at heart. They are too cute and keep track of little things about their partner. They are very empathetic. It is their emotional and empathetic qualities that make them the best partners. Moreover, many Cancerians are very protective when it comes to their partner. They will stay by the side of their partner, no matter what.


People born under these zodiac signs are very patient in nature. They don’t get angry easily. So, it is very easy to trust them. They are known for their easy approach. They do not believe in casual relationships and are very committed to relationships. They do not cheat and are very faithful in relationships. They love you a little extra every passing day.


People of these zodiac signs are very deep and compassionate in a relationship. They are blessed with great intuitive powers. They are one of the most sincere people of all the zodiac signs. They completely immerse in love and are very committed when it comes to relationships.


People of these zodiac signs are very stable in nature. They can prove to be the best partner. Any day, they will choose commitment over a casual affair. They will give back more love and time if you love them equally. They are very sweet in nature and very friendly.


Passion runs in the blood of people born under this zodiac sign. They love generously when they find the right partner. They are radical in their approach. They love to lead in love and are very passionate about love.