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Ranbir Kapoor turns 38 today. While now he is a well-established actor Ranbir was never considered a good actor in his school days. Rather in a throwback video, the Sanju actor mentioned that he never got selected during school auditions.

So he considered himself a bad actor then. Albeit, when they did select him it was only for a 5-minute role and that too because he was the son of a big celebrity, Rishi Kapoor. And that was when Ranbir Kapoor used to feel demotivated.

Ranbir Kapoor Never Had A Real-Life or Moment of Eureka

During an old interview from September 2011, the Sanju actor revealed his journey from not having a real-life to finally becoming an actor. Ranbir said, "I don't have a personal life. The stuff you guys read in the papers is yes, it is all glamorous. It makes for good reading. It is for a good gossip and good conversation. That's not what my life is. My life is pretty ordinary. I get up in the morning. I brush my teeth."

The actor further talked about how he never had a moment of Eureka in his life and missed the drive which most youngsters have. Ranbir Kapoor said, "I have been born in a film family that's been contributing to Indian cinema for years now. So there was never a day in my life where actually I had this Eureka moment ki oh I got what I want to do in my life. I was quite aimless while growing up."

The actor had it easy all through his life as his father was a very successful actor. And that is why he believes he missed that drive. According to Ranbir, his entire life revolved around movies and he did not have a real life. The actor said, "We grew up with music sittings and directors and actors and pretty actresses coming home. There was no real-life as such. Films became my reality."

Ranbir's Drive is Not Money, He Wants to Become Biggest Actor

Even during school days, Ranbir Kapoor wanted to be an actor. But no one selected him. That made him wonder, "So I am not good at school. I want to become an actor. And I am not good even in acting. What do I do? Above that, I come from a film family which puts a lot of pressure, a lot of responsibility. It's legacy to carry forward."

Even Rishi Kapoor was a bit insecure about his son and sent him abroad for higher education. Ranbir said, "My father was very bullish on sending me for further education because he wanted me to have something to fall back upon if my film career did not take off."

However, Ranbir was quite sure that he wants to be a part of the film industry if not as an actor, then as a producer or a director. The Rockstar actor said, "If I fail in films, I will still struggle, I will still try, I will direct a movie or produce a movie. But films are where I want to be like my grandfather said 'jina yaha marna yaha iske siwa jana kahan."

The actor felt humbled for whatever success he achieved. He accepted that it was a case of being in the right place at the right time for him. More importantly, for him, money is not the driving force as he grew up in the lap of luxury. Ranbir Kapoor concluded his interview saying,  "My drive is to be the biggest actor in the country."

Ranbir Kapoor has won three Filmfare awards for Rockstar, Barfi, and Sanju as the best lead male actor. Currently, he is busy shooting for Dharma Productions Brahmastra and YRF's Shamshera.

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