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Samantha Akkineni In Action During Lockdown: From Being A Plant Lady to Turning into an Entrepreneur

One Southern beauty who impressed with her array of activities during the lockdown is none other than Samantha Akkineni. The diva kept herself busy with plants and inspired her followers and friends to grow their vegetables.

The actress turned gardener and even taught her followers how to sow plants in an elaborate video.

Samantha Akkineni On Significance of Choosing Right Seeds

In one of her Instagram videos, Samantha talked in detail about the significance of choosing good quality seeds. While displaying her homegrown radish, the Oh! Baby actress related how important it is to ensure that the seeds are placed only a few centimeters below the soil.

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Let’s get Seeding. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind when you are sowing – Make sure your seeds are healthy, unhealthy seeds give rise to weak seedlings and they don’t grow healthy. – Weak seeds are lighter in weight, they float in water, smaller than usual, pale in color, and mostly with the wrinkled seed cover. If store-bought, make sure to check the expiry date. – Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and soaking for a few hours before sowing your seeds is a good practice. – Now, before sowing, wet the soil or cocopeat a little. Don’t pour water, gentle sprinkle on the top layer. Overwatering will drown the seed. – Very important, don’t bury the seed too deep, place the seeds no more than 1-2 cm in the soil, any deeper and the seedling will have trouble popping out. – Never pack the soil or cocopeat very tight, sow in loose soil. – If you can, cover the seeded area for 2-3 days till you see some sprouting and water with care. Not too much, just wet the top layer. – If you germinated in a nursery bag or tray and need to transplant to your pot or garden, do it after you have 3-4 true leaves, gently. – If you are growing hydroponically, you can just move the coco coin in a net pot straight into NFT Channel Show me your sowing pictures using #GrowWithMe !

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More such videos and posts showed Samantha’s new passion for growing veggies.

When she shared her carrot produce and suggested a few recipes, fans were quick to suggest a few of their dishes. During the lockdown, while most of the celebrities shared their videos, selfies, and other activities Samantha Akkineni was one of the few who promoted #GrowwithMe.

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Hey guys, thank you so much for the awesome support on all my #GrowWithMe posts. It feels amazing that you think growing your own food is cool too! As much as I have enjoyed making you a part of my journey, I would love to be a part of your #GrowWithMe journeys too. Now it’s time for you to join me on this #GrowWithMe journey. For the next few weeks, let’s grow together! So go find a pot, some soil, seeds, an empty milk packet or even a Hydroponic Homekit and get growing. Trust me, this will change so many things for you. So don't forget to tag me and use the hashtag. I can't wait to hear from you all. To start things off, I’m challenging @lakshmimanchu & @rakulpreet along with all of you to #GrowWithMe. Let’s get our hands dirty 🍀….. outfit @saakshakinni 💓

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She not only shared her journey but inspired many others to practice it which was indeed a big contribution.

Calling herself a plant lady, the Tollywood and Kollywood superstar continues to share her love for plants now that she is gearing up to resume work soon.

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Plant lady 💚 📷 @thehouseofpixels

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Samantha Launches Her Clothing Brand

The actress turned entrepreneur after launching her clothing brand. She announced this news on social media through a video. In the clip, the Theri actress explains how she couldn’t wear designer outfits during her college days as they were beyond her reach money-wise. Samantha further says that with her new label Saaki she wants designer dresses to be accessible and reachable to everyone.

Samantha Akkineni’s caption for the video reads, “Saaki @saakiworld is finally here! Saaki has been a dream of mine and my baby for many months. It is a reflection of my love for fashion and my journey in life. #saakiforyou #launchingsoon Hope you like it”

Samantha Akkineni will complete the remaining shooting of Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal after she resumes work. Reports also suggest that the actress is keen to make a comeback in Kollywood films and has okayed a script already.

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