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Sangati Jogwar

Katrina Kaif says that a lot of hard work goes behind the click-ready look that the Bollywood divas portray at events, functions, on-ramp, and on social media. According to the superstar, the concept that a star or an actress should conform to a certain standard regarding her looks is slowly dissolving. In her recent interview with BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid, the actress and entrepreneur discussed at length how social media has impacted the lives of everyone.

When you started as an actress it was necessary to conform to a particular way or look the part in the industry. Is it liberating now that there is no such pressure on you? What kind of struggles did you face in the early days of your career?

It’s an interesting question! Many times I analyze Is that the case? Or are we just scared under the confines of the definition of how confinement should look? Has anyone said that to you? Of course, I have read stories where girls are told that you have to look like this to be an actress or to fit in.

But beyond that even if someone has said that to you, you have got to be brave enough to say that no I want to look the way I want to and this is me and the way I’m.

Often if you are clutter-breaking and if you get up and make an impact being unique you are gonna last longer and be in a position that is not going to be easily replaced or filled by someone. However, if you become someone who can easily fit in the cookie-cutter mold then I can fit any other cookie in that cutter. If you are going to be unique and true to yourself you are going to be much harder to replace.

You must have the confidence that me as I am is adding value.

Talking about social media, has it changed for the better or the worst?

Social media has some wonderful benefits. It has given me a platform to connect with my audience and to people when I felt I needed it. I came very late.

Yes, you were a bit reluctant…

Yes, was five years behind from my colleagues and peers in the industry joining social media. When I came on social media I felt that I was not represented or a very small part of me was represented and that small part was very small.  I thought to myself I need to have representation with the audience who come to watch my films and that had been the invaluable contribution of social media.  But the flip side is that if the moment is not recorded the moment does not exist.

Like you are having fun somewhere, and we rush to take a picture. It is with me, it is with all of us. It has become a way of being. If it is not recorded it is not there. It has become a pressure, rather a habit to take a picture so that you must be seen. It is great but the flip side for a lot of us is not truly being in the moment.

Isn’t it that on social media we try to capture the perfect moment, click that perfect picture?

That is exactly what it is. I had said it in my social media story that you must not compare yourself with anyone’s life with what you see on social media because you are seeing the showier side, the highlights that are cultivated looks. You’ve not seen the behind the scene moments. Am I also guilty of doing that? Yes, because it is a visual medium.

When you scroll on my Instagram you are seeing the highlights of my life. You are not seeing the in-between moments, moments of doubts, unhappiness, a very bad day, not feeling confident and insecure.

Does Katrina Kaif have moments like that?

Of course but you don’t see them.

I’m asking from the perspective of young people who look at pictures on your account and say she looks wow, she looks amazing. But they do not get to look into those in-between moments. So break it how things work because the image that we see is a brand Katrina.

It is a cultivated image, one which is built up by many things you have done, many images, many films.  It’s a persona that is not necessarily how you are.

All through the interview, Katrina Kaif stressed the fact that you need to do what you want to without getting bothered by what others are doing. It is a strong message for the younger generation who apes the Bollywood celebrities blindly and feels disappointed when they do not look or succeed like them.



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