Solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon when the moon blocks the sun, casting a shadow on earth by concealing the view of the sun from the Earth. These eclipses can be total or partial. These unique occurrences happen around two or five times a year, giving us a special view of the solar system. But today’s eclipse is a total one, which is occurring almost after six years. The last total solar eclipse occurred in the year 2017 on August 21, and was visible across most parts of the US.

The first eclipse of 2024 is taking place today i.e. on 8th April 2024. Today is a very auspicious day in India as many are celebrating Somavati Amavasya which is dedicated to worshipping the ancestors. This is also the first Somavati Amavasya of this year coinciding with the solar eclipse, adding a unique significance according to astrologers. Today’s eclipse is said to be the biggest astronomical event of the year which will commence at 09:12 PM persisting till 2:22 AM on 9th April 2024. A few regions in North America will witness a total eclipse while the others will be viewing a partial eclipse.

Will the Eclipse be visible from India? No, the eclipse won’t be visible from India. It will visible in North America.

Where can people watch the Eclipse? If the weather permits, millions in Mexico, parts of Canada and 15 states in United States will have the opportunity to witness the Solar Eclipse. The eclipse will commence on Mexico’s Pacific Coast progressing through the U.S. including Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennslyvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire. Canada will experience the Eclipse in pure weather conditions.

How to watch the Eclipse? Precautionary measures are crucial to ensure safety. Experts have warned that direct viewing of the sun can cause severe damage to the eyes. Using solar viewing glasses, telescopes, DSLR cameras or binoculars equipped with solar filters are advisable. In regions where it’s not visible, people can watch live broadcast of the eclipse and listen to expert analysis.

Beliefs associated with the Eclipse: Solar Eclipses have long been associated with omens by ancient civilization with cultures refraining from eating or going out during the Surya Grahan. Pregnant women are advised to stay indoors due to negative energies. However, modern science has clearly laid out guidelines for safe viewing of the Eclipse.