• Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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Family Man Star Ashlesha Thakur Is Nation's New Crush!

Not just the superstars, but there are also some fresh faces behind the grand success of ‘Family Man 2’.

Diptiranjita Patra
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Family Man Star Ashlesha Thakur Is Nation\'s New Crush!Video Icon
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Not just the superstars, but there are also some fresh faces behind the grand success of ‘Family Man 2’. As always, the role that Manoj Bajpayee played earned him a lot of appreciation and love. But the Prime Series has got lots of inside stories that you would be interested to know. It’s time to check out other actors too, who impressed the audience with their classy performances.

Particularly, fans could not possibly overlook the young and promising actress, Ashlesha Thakur, who seems to have become the new crush of the nation, garnering a huge fan base on social media. If you remember, Ashlesha Thakur who is Manoj's daughter in the series played the role of Dhriti Tiwari.

Her character becomes rebellious amid the growing problems in her family. In this second season of 'Family Man', people also loved the romantic connection between Kalyan and Dhriti. During an interview, the actress confessed that she was nervous, considering the intensity of the storyline and the character she portrayed. She talked about the on-screen kissing.

The way she handled the pressure, putting herself in the shoes of a mature actress didn’t reflect any sort of childishness. Answering how she moulded her performance, she admitted having watched plenty of web series involving love and related interests. She also studied and researched on the matter, before delving into the technical aspects of shooting on screen.

The actress who played the role of the teenage girl trusted her directors and never worried regarding how she would appear on the screen. Ashlesha also shared that she received many marriage proposals after the show. She said that she got a lot of ‘rishtas’ in her DMs where people used to send creepiest and the sweetest of messages.

Spontaneous and natural in her performance, Ashlesha now has a huge follower base and has certainly become a crush of the nation. All she wishes now is to be a better actress, while her fans await to see her perform in more episodes of the series, and other programs. Apart from the show, Ashlesha debuted in the TV industry with SHAKTI- ‘Astitva Ke Ahsaas Ki’ and was also seen in ‘Pagglait’.